Atelier Wrede


interior design and consultation for single gents looking to bring their A-Game home.


Hey Bachelor, is your home as tailored as your made-to-measure suit?

  • Have you adulted beyond your flat-pack lifestyle?

  • Are you looking to reinvent your space after a break up?

  • Are you confused where to invest in your space for the best ROI or AirBnB cool factor?

  • Are you too embarrassed to bring your dates around?

  • Are you always dropping money going out because being at home is depressing?

  • Are you always late ‘cause you can never find your stuff?

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HELLO, Gents!
I’m Bethany, interior designer, founder of Atelier Wrede, and host of the ‘
Arrived’ podcast.

I’m on a mission to help the single gents of the world bring their A-game home. Together, we can transform that sad crash pad into a rockin’ bachelor pad to host your mates, impress your dates, and crush your goals.

You’ve got the made-to-measure suit, the promotion-track career, cool hobbies, and a great circle of friends. And because of all this, that neglected crash pad you call ‘home’ has been the last thing on your mind.

You know it’s time to level up – but what’s a dandy to do? Maybe you’re sick of getting unsolicited design advice from your gal pals. Maybe you love test-driving sofas, but aren’t sure how to ‘tie a room together’. Or maybe you’d rather chew tinfoil than spend your weekends trawling furniture stores on the high street.

With so many options, so many spatial considerations and (hello!) all that’s going on in your life, it can feel like cognitive fatigue on steroids to get your head in the game and design a space that feels like you, not Knight Frank.

I get that! And I’m here to help. If you’re a domestically-confused dude looking for guidance from a seasoned design professional, book a free call today. I’m going to make it easy for you to decipher your priorities, develop home habits that stick, and whip your space into shape (trawling and test-driving optional…). So let’s do this!

Are you ready to bring your A-Game Home?



Whether you’re in London, Biarritz or between, the Hustler consult will help you slough off those bad home habits, and kick off styling your space with swagger.

Using my insights-based workbook, you’ll discover your top priorities for your home, lifestyle, and what’s really holding you back. Then, we’ll meet on Zoom, where we’ll devise a step-by-step plan of attack for you to hustle your space – and your home habits – from zero to hero. Got questions? I’m here for you. An AMA follows once you’ve dug deep and got your design hands dirty like a champ.



If you’re in it to win it, but simply a bit clueless about how to put a room together, where to shop, or are just plain lazy (hey, no judgement here) the Cool Hand Luke is where it’s at.

We’ll start with the Hustler consult, then I’ll hand-select for your approval specific furniture, lighting, and accessories to make your crash pad a luxe bachelor pad. With your shopping list Master Plan, you complete the purchases and install like the ninja that you are. All that’s left to do is to crack a cold one.



Buy your own furniture? Nope. Wait around for an electrician? As if. This isn’t your idea of fun on the weekend (or ever, frankly).

For the time-strapped bon vivant and the leisure-loving flaneur who delights in the details, values time as the ultimate elusion, and needs their space designed, delivered and installed by a professional from concept to completion, nothing but the Full Monty will do. With all that free time you’ll save, you might consider taking up lawn bowls.

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My sunroom used to be boring, bland, and lackluster – just mismatched furniture left over from the rest of the house. Bethany brought in amazing wallpaper and had those pieces reupholstered to tie everything together. I use the space 100% more now and really enjoy entertaining in there!
— Jeff, Minneapolis